So much more than a huge blue marble floating mysteriously in the blackness of space; this planet has been sustaining and nurturing life of countless variety since before humanity arrived to play conquerors and kings. One of the greatest threats to her overall health is rooted into how humans have disrupted bio-diversity in so many areas all over the world. Good news is there are many groups and countless people actively seeking to protect this brilliant planet and the life she supports. Ideally, this winter [2022] we'll put together posts connecting with and celebrating the groups we can find here on the internets.

In her natural state, she's home to more than 300 species of aquatic, amphibian, reptile, fauna, insect, and animal life. Vast oceans are also full of reefs, corals, anemones, and various other breathtakingly beautiful plants, and creatures. We've always been particularly fond of trees, of which there are countless amazing species all over the world. A delicate balance has been maintaining all of that life; we've learned a lot about bio-diversity and the importance it has on an entire eco-system. Humans have been causing damage for generations and this planet is suffering from pollution, deforestation, and casual abuse. Other humans have made great strides {in My opinion, working against humanity's great Progress Machine is challenging business} to: protect wildlife, rescue elephants or other circus/zoo animals, start conversations about communities growing food together, cleaning rivers, fighting pollution, and educating the masses.

Our goal is to inspire people, connect with others, and to share the beauty that exists on this planet. We also seek to use this platform to share the struggles we are witnessing as Mother Earth protects herself from death. This planet is an amazing, majestic and ancient being in her own right... and we believe in her power to heal, though we are not so naive to think that this process will be anything less than an intense and unforgettable experience. Here we are with website 'in hand' ready, mostly, for this ride of a lifetime. Please join us if you like, feel free to contact us with questions or comments and as always...

Forgive our building phase, thank you; kisses from management


Wild Life: Otherwise known as 'feisty neighbors' because Zeffy and I care for a variety of local critters in our small part of this great world. Every day wild animals all over the world are being impacted negatively by humans. Some of us are doing some good, promise.

Nature: is all around us, helping us heal and balance when we allow it. Perhaps we are on a precipice of finding our balance with this world; we have been fighting nature for so many generations, are we ready yet for harmony and healing? Only time will tell.