Puppet Writes

Dom/sub lifestyle isn't for everyone, which is fairly common knowledge. What ought to also be common knowledge is that any healthy D/s relationship has it's own flavour based on the desires and limitations of the consenting adults involved. I've been exploring my flavour for most of my life, which is what most pervs do, because even though I may adore being told what to do, I don't like being bullied. I may enjoy being handled roughly, but if we have to fight, you'll lose. I might have a really high IQ, I'm most definitely very intelligent, and I'm also really observant or insightful. I'm also slightly terrified of humanity as a whole for most of my life, and that's done a number on my social skills {especially combined with decades of undiagnosed ADHD}

When my Captain isn't tugging on my strings, I have to roll them up and stuff them in a pocket to avoid tripping. I tripped through most of my life before I learned that tidbit. Even still, I'll never cut them off because I do so adore when he holds them tight and wraps me in his protecting love.

I write stories or explore questions/topics upon request, that's what gets posted here.