Sexuality has long fascinated me for all sorts of inappropriate reasons and even a few...shall we say, respectable ones. According to popular theory, and science, sex is where everyone comes fr Sexuality has long fascinated me for all sorts of inappropriate reasons a om; mom and dad got frisky with each other in whatever capacity and then a sperm met an egg. This has always rather disgusted me, which is common according to light research--my biological father was a creepy dipshit and my mother sought protection in a world that was constantly overwhelming her.

Sex is so much more than making babies, which is what I choose to believe; through sex we can communicate with others on a level that is almost impossible otherwise. I say almost because I'm fairly sure group meditation and dance partners communicate on similar levels. Touch and smell, taste of sweat and erotic juices; through sexual activity we can tap into our deepest selves. It's likely that this knowledge is why organized religion has always pressured the masses into believing that sex is primarily or only for breeding.

In some cultures, sex is how we worship; celebrating our and each other's bodies overlapping during this most ancient act of exploring life.

Sexual identity has been evolving during the past few generations as we the children become adults in our own right, passing on new wisdom to younger people. What does it mean to be a man or woman? For the longest time, many people accepted the roles that men were workers and women were breeders; men ruled the world and women gave them stuff to rule over and with. When we began to challenge these gender rules, many women sought dominance and many men sought submission: there is no balance right now. We are in a learning phase to figure out what we want; not as man or woman but as individual lives with individual desires and curiosities.