Teta Screams

I'll start off by saying: all these words are mine, MY OPINION, which I use to express my feelings and shed the toxic residue I get from paying attention to humanity's crazy nonsense. Sometimes I imagine graphic violence in cartoon form; but I truly loathe the idea of anyone feeling unwanted pain. I also acknowledge that the world of humans is full of pain and it's unlikely I'll have power to decide who experiences pain and who doesn't.

I was a little girl in the 80s, my social environment was less than perfect, I've always had an unexplainable fear of authority figures, I don't always have opinions, but that doesn't mean I have nothing to say. Also, my memory is bizarre and most of my traumatic flashbacks are when I'm abruptly triggered to remember nightmares I've had.

Having said all that, I'll add one final point: I have anger issues. As in, I was discouraged from expressing anger and sometimes felt like I was unworthy or allowed to feel anger. My emotional responses to anger-inspiring stimuli are on a healing path, with my Captain steering us toward healthy expressions of my angry feelings. Or, what comes up more often in this early phase of recovery, my feelings of fear and confusion blending into a disgusting soup that is "am I feeling angry?"

Welcome to my nightmares, we have a lot of fun here because my preference is King and I like: laughter, fluffy feelings, adventures, love, and being wrapped up safe and warm and adored. Dragons soon to come.