The Self

What is the self? How do we define all that we are, housed in this body that breathes and feels, thinks and loves? Who we are as individuals, exploring our own unique journeys as Earthlings during this era of renewal and healing. {Thank you, that's our focus} So much more than 'I think, therefore I am' [Descartes] every single one of us is a powerhouse of potential. Massive brains [which are mostly asleep, according to science, for still-mysterious reasons] and intricate systems that are: skeletal, nervous, digestion [etc, not my special interest] . Our bodies are amazing manifestations of divine curiosity! Or whatever you choose to believe answers the question: Why are we here?

The Self consists of many things from the brain that focuses our consciousness, to the physical form we create to experience all the senses and wonder the physical body has to offer. We also have imaginations that cannot be measured which means our potential is often only limited by .... stuff we give our power to. [Zeffy edit for wording, please]

Many thinkers over the centuries have theorized that humans, by nature, are social creatures and crave meaningful connections with others. Internets opened a plethora of doors all over the entire planet and soon dozens of social media platforms or 'chat rooms' popped up and people could communicate with each other anywhere on Mother Earth. For some length of time, this really brought us all...or a great bunch of us...together. Strangely like most of us people things, the internets hasn't been aging well. Misinformation has been running rampant and that reopened some very old wounds for the sensitive people who struggled to get required assistance because [who can you ask for real info when everyone around you is being a jerk?]

During the past 7-16 years society began changing, and even though our access seems without limitations... somehow, for so many of us, the world has become rather large and overwhelming at times. As a species, and as a vast collection of communities all over this planet in crisis, we stand at a threshold; adapt or die. Now is an essential time to join metaphorical hands, raise silent voices and truly learn what we need to know to thrive and heal.

Our Whole Self

This website, our great ambition and cherished platform, has been coming together for most of a decade. Life often has a way of challenging our ambitions and the children of so many humans were discouraged from prioritizing our deepest passions. Do you want what you want as much as you think you do? Do you truly want what you think you want, or have you just convinced yourself of that so to be annoying to your parents/teachers/elders? Exactly. Raise of of hands: who's chronically overstimulated and often feeling unable to embrace lasting changes? Do you fight to harness your focus and determination? How long can you keep that up? We believe in healing... ourselves, each other, and whatever life around us we can reach. We are the imaginative beasts of this realm and we can do so much better.

Kisses From Management

Maybe we've got something you'll find helpful on your own healing journey. Please enjoy our weird little library and always feel encouraged to pester us with questions or feedback. Also, until things change, forgive us for our construction phase. 

Mind encompasses many facets: our brains firing billions of neurons in sync to carry out fundamental commands such as blinking or breathing, things most of us take for granted. Brains and cognitive health are great topics of interest that we've explored over the years and we aspire to include what we've learned as we're able to sort and verify data.

Our distinction between brain capacity and imagination, as it were, is summed up by our 2 subcategories: Cognitive Health and Consciousness. We explore theories that belief is essential to living your best life. Manifestation, otherwise known as 'be the change you want to see in the world' dates back to pre-history. We have personal experiences with manifesting in our personal lives and believe all people have the ability though we do admit it's quite a bit trickier in real life than it looks in the movies/shows/books especially since there don't seem to be many teachers where most people live or travel. 

Sexuality has come a long way since our species' need to focus on reproduction. The threshold we stand upon is exploring sensuality, cosmic communication, emotional transcendence and self discovery. Many people have become more curious about their own sexuality, how it plays into daily life, and how societal norms have impacted our species for generations.

Pleasure is a powerful source of positive health and helps the mind overcome obstacles or shed blockages. When we experience pure pleasure through sexual exploration, we are closer to each other, as well as to ourselves. This is frightening to some, which is why humanity is at such a threshold of healing or destruction.

We will be adding this section in early 2024. Please check back!

Body is something we've all got, though mostly we explore humanoids. Our bodies often feel like the most defining element of our overall sense of self, though often that is because our bodies seem to carry all the feelings of pain, fear, or distress. Some say our bodies are temples, others... playgrounds. Whatever your perspective, it's better to feel clean and healthy more than gross or sick. Naturally, we take a variety of vitamins and mineral supplements which we'll post about in waves to share our research and experiences. Some are extremely valuable in ths day and age.

Numerous theories explore possibilities that our bodies are avatars or vehicles through which we explore physical reality.  What's true? Is there only one truth? Regardless, it's important to take care of these magnificent machines, and we'll have many new posts during the next several months as we share aforementioned research.

Energy is the essence of life itself, according to several schools of thought. It is so much more than the various sugars and vitamins that fuel us during that 17 hour work shift at the hospital. When we have 'too much' energy, many people feel restless or jittery; when we have 'too little' energy or feel 'drained' we often feel tired or hungry. Numerous theories {scientific and otherwise} explore various possibilities that energy is literally the clay that creates everything.

What if our bodies are made up of pure energy? What is this coffee I'm drinking now, that helps me feel focused and alert? I'm on the edge of 'crashing', because even though the sugar {Agave Nector} and caffeine have been boosting my energy levels...I still got up too early.

Science suggests that energy can't be destroyed, only altered. What does this mean for quantum theory or religion? We don't know either! Perhaps you'd like to explore with us and discover what we can find out?

We will be adding this section in early 2024. Please check back!