Evolution of language is always a fascinating part of our story on this planet. During every era there were fads and fashion trends, but the word "trending" has taken on a whole new meaning in this era of connections.  Much like how the simple # symbol has become a magic button that will connect to every other # symbol with the same message trending is a brilliant phenomenon and powerful tool that helps us to keep up on current events and what's happening now.  Of course there are countless topics and we can't follow everything, so collect what we find important or interesting.

A lot has happened during the past 50 years and people are changing rapidly. Society has shifted, and along with it so have peoples perceptions. More people are awakening to the fact that we can't continue as a society if we cannot solve some of the issues affecting us as a whole. 

For better and for worse, trends tell us what the public is thinking at a precise moment in time... or what course they believe is best charted. Perhaps it is reflecting what direction things need to go on a particular issue. Trends also tell us about societal views, and what the public perceives as important on any given day. Social media has taken trends to a totally new level with the use of hashtags. This allows anyone to search a particular topic, or trend quickly... and find all the information available on that topic from many sources.


Fluffy Stuff: This world can be a violent and frightening place that is so often promoted to be "all there is." We don't believe that's true; our world is so amazing and full of life and magic. Many of us develop ways to 'decompress' or 'realign our chakras' and that's what this category is all about! We all need to set those weights down, even if only for a few moments. Nature and life itself will help us see that there is beauty and love all around us. Often we need only stop a moment and look.

People You Should Know: The world is generally throwing all sorts of negative things our way on a daily basis. We decided to create a section to highlight those people, or groups who ae doign amazing things around the world. As you'll see, age means little when it comes accomplishments of a great maginitude. Some times it only takes a single person to bring about a necessary change, and sometimes a group of young people decide to change the world.