Zeffy Rants

Hey there... welcome to Zeffy Rants. If you've come here, then you must be searching for something. I figure that because I've been searching for something for most of my life, and that's the reason for this blog. I've reached a point where I need to vent.

I used to vent verbally all the time. Being from NJ you just learn to do that at a very young age. No one takes it seriously... at least not in any personal sense, or feeling attacked. They just understand, or rant right along side you. Misery loves company you know?

These days that's not the case any longer. When I vent verbally, the only person stuck listening to me is the woman I love, and being an Empath, and sensitive she gets enveloped in my rising energy if I go on for too long. I'm an energetic person you see... a Leo... fiery when I'm passionate about something, and these days I'm getting passionate about a lot of things.

Seems there's a  lot of things wrong in this country, and around the globe for that matter... and while venting won't solve any of those things... it will free me of the anxiety, and anger that swells up inside me when I encounter sheer ignorance, selfishness, and a lack of empathy towards another human being.

See... I'm an empath too, and I also can sense energy from someone a mile away. One glance into your eyes, and I can absorb an intense amount of information and energy about you. Now I realize that might sound kinda creepy to some... but it's not like I'm peering into your eyes with this menacing gaze or anything. I love peoples eyes... and they are the very first thing I look to... when I meet someone. 

I've had this feeling since I was a kid that there was something huge coming... some consciousness shifting event that will alter humanity. I'm still waiting, but I also feel we're on the edge now. If you look around the planet you see discontent... anger... disillusionment, and frustration.

In many places war is destroying youths ability to even know what childhood is. In many areas of the globe young girls are being abducted for sex trafficking purposes. People are homeless. Children are hungry, and abandoned. If you look closely, you can see the homeless man on the corner of a busy major city holding the sign "The End is Near" and I sometimes wonder if that's the what's coming. 

Mother Earth is a vastly beautiful planet, with wonders scattered all about the globe. Mother Earth has also grown weary of us polluting her streams, rivers, and oceans. Destroying her rain forests, and coral reefs.  The air is toxic in many cities, and islands of plastic float in the ocean that are the size of France. Seems we fucked up somewhere along the way. Money became the idol we worshipped, instead of life, nature, and people. We can still correct it. The question is simple... will we?